Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Tail Spin'

I come to those within life's 'struggle' to pay my nth respects to you and yours. I want to apologize for my absence and hope that sometime in the near future I will be able to join all of you again. I am still recovering from my accident where upon I shattered my left leg. I had 2 surgeries and now have quite a bit of metal in my leg. I have had to move to the country to my folk's place so that I could attain assistance with my care and recovery. We do not have internet access here where I am severely isolated at the moment. I have asked someone to post these articles here for all of my friends and members who share life with me and the 'struggle'.
This summer I had several friends call me when I was in the hospital and I want each one of you to know that those phone calls gave me the strength to endure the 24 dys in the hospital and since I've left. But right now I miss you all terribly and am upset at this huge setback for me. I've had no insurance or financial help and so now I struggle even more so than before. No I am not asking anyone here to help me with my 'struggle'. I just want you all to know what has been going on with me and happening. I still can not put any weight on my leg and I am in a wheel chair. Today is the last part of Oct. I have my system here at the farm, but it's not hooked up to the internet.

In this article, I would like to discuss some of the events which have been happening around the country and issues that some of you have come to me on. As always, I never reveal any of those who come and confide in me. But lessons within life and knowledge are essential to 'Growth and Development' and some of it should be shared.

This summer, the day before my accident, a young man of the 'struggle' and 'within' the life, came to me in regards to a couple of serious issues affecting some of our larger cities. I asked him to give me 3 days to write an article on the subject. The day after my accident, I had received an e-mail granting my request. I want to thank him for bestowing upon me, my request and the 'respect this young man has always shown my person. I also want to commend him on his decision, to 'let life take its due course.' There are times when life has a way of taking care of itself. 'Often when you have 'snakes' you're dealing with. You will find that they seek shelter in the shadows of 'bushes'. After a period of time, the 'snakes' will reveal their colors, hunger and purpose. The 'snakes' will devour one another, slither and die.' Thus, this will leave the way open for 'damage control' and 'reconstruction'. Change and life's advancement will not happen, unless it starts with 'US'. If we do not take the 'knowledge and wisdom' that we possess and use it effectively, we will remain stagnant and drown in life's swill with 'dead snakes and dead horses'.

Some of you this summer came to me in regards to 'splintering' and stolen 'lit'erature. First of all, I wish to discuss the 'stolen lit' issues. May I ask one, how can 'lit' be stolen, if it is shared in the first place? The original doctrine clearly states that we are to 'teach one, pull one up'. If anything is shared between individuals, how then can it be stolen by same said individuals? It is a slap against one man's pride and dignity, the disrespect of that which you all share. If you disrespect 'lit'erature in such a manner and its roots or origin, what makes one think that you will also respect life? If you can not appreciate the gesture of shared knowledge in a dignified and respectful manner, how will you then respect those who stand beside you in 'life's struggle' and appreciate their friendship? If you have so little disregard for shared knowledge, why should those who walk before you, 'OG's' and 'old folks' share their wisdom, events and journeys with you to minimize your struggle and pain along the way? Why should anyone want to commit violence over 'lit' with 'dead horses' which have no desire or strength of their own to walk the 'vision'. Are these the types of individuals you would wish to have beside you through life's journey and have them help you through a storm? It is extremely important and vital that each one of us takes care of our 'best asset', which is life itself. There will be no 'Growth' or advancement in life, no legacies written if we allow our hand to be raised against those who disrespect knowledge. We must realize that their visit here on this 'plane' in life will not be as long as our own if it is bereft of 'knowledge and wisdom'. If they do not have the respect and appreciation for the 'lit'rature to begin with, what type of strength if any will they truly reap from our shared 'strength'? It is not worth the effort or worry to get caught up in the mix over something written in black and white. After all, every day, literature which is written in 'black and white' imprisons many within the struggle. We limit our options of survival and 'flipping the script' buried or immured within the walls of time.

I have to laugh at individuals who come to me about the knowledge and wisdom I share. They ask me why I do so and why here on the internet? I follow and walk the 'vision' for the whole. One who walks the 'true' struggle does not have to worry about such things as 'wannabes, rogues, false-flaggers or infiltrators. I challenge anyone to live as I do for one week when my leg heals. I don't have to be a bad ass, although I am often raw with the truth and that hurts more than if I were to raise my hand against one. I don't fall prey to the 'games' in the arena and the vices of those within the capstone which enriches their purses only. It's true that knowledge is golden, but wisdom can be deadly. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, the wisdom comes from knowing the difference between the two. Wisdom also comes from knowing the 'strength' behind the 'knowledge' and 'life' that you choose to share with others. If your gesture of generosity will help others in life so that you may in turn be dealt a kinder hand when life comes to your doorstep, then do so. No I am not talking about 'materialism' either, just 'life's blessings' plain, pure and simple. For now, I am content with a thank you when it comes or a kind word from those I choose to share my words with. I am also content to learn of their knowledge and lives also, to expound on what I already carry within me to strengthen my character.

I have a problem with the term, 'insubordination' which is often to freely used. 'Respect which is received, is respect which can be given.' Respect which is earned can invite life to reveal its true meaning and agenda for you. Everyone in life 'should' have their own purpose and reason to survive the 'struggle', which life will reveal to them in time. Insubordination does not exist if one leads with respect, honor and dignity. One should never ask another individual to carry out an action or event that he himself does not have the strength to do. One should never ask another individual to incur another burden within the 'struggle' and life, that he knows he could not endure or survive himself. Such an individual who does turn to others or uses his position within life for self-serving agendas, is often riddled with short-comings and weaknesses. He rules by the sword and is the creator of shadows which swallow up life and time.

If an individual is disrespectful to your person after he has displayed it to you and earned your respect in turn…if he has dishonored an element or trait which is characteristic of your person, you should allow him to drown in his own swill. Often such individuals not only create small shadows, but they seek refuge within the bushes next to larger shadows. Often they are consumed by the larger shadows and evils. The 'true essence' of their character over time is revealed to all, they get lost in the 'portrait' they choose to paint of themselves.

If an individual dishonors your person through smite, spite, theft and broken promises, you are not to raise your hand against them without caution or the use of knowledge and wisdom first. If he steals from your table, ask him why? Mayhap you have forgotten that he also has a family and his own 'struggle' is tenfold. If he has done so for materialism, vices or has devised his own self-serving agendas, do not allow him to get any bigger on your porch or invite him to sit at your table any longer. But be aware of the fact, that there may come a time in life when he can put water in your 'dog dish' or 'knowledge in your 'well'. Men within the walls of time have learned this lesson well and have found themselves seeing another day because they have allowed such an individual to exist within their realms.

Always 'treat' others as you wish to be treated yourself. Constantly observe life and those around you…looking at events and situations, placing yourself within them hypothetically and ask yourself how you would fare in the same boat. This is best done to avoid and cope with situations and conditions which arise on your own journey in life. Humans love to be challenged, they often seek to create challenges, when in fact, the two greatest challenges are provided by life itself. To be responsible for another life or 'seed' that you have planted and the hardest of all, to be "righteous".

The last few years, we have seen an increase in heinous crimes and crimes of passion within society. It almost seems that the very life we seek is imploding around us, not waiting for answers to mend its cracks. As we are enfolded within portraits of negativity within the media and entertainment industry, our mental frame work has been conditioned to follow suit. We've become akin to 'mice' and the 'pied piper'. We more times than not follow, instead of taking the initiative to lead

"Ignorance is, as ignorance does," another favorite quote of mine. This philosophy was never so true or prevalent as it was this summer in Jena, La. Just as in the Civil Rights movement, where injustice, pain and misery were revealed and acknowledged through peaceful demonstration and by 'the pen', so to was the back water injustices within Jena, La. Justice within the small community had been based on a foundation of biased "ignorance" and traditions of "racism". But as the strong within "life's struggle' gathered to stamp out the diseases of "ignorance, injustice and racism" in a peaceful demonstration, we were all reminded of how vulnerable we are as humans. How portraits of negativity, judgments, the casting of stones, and society's 'branding iron' is never far from our person. We are all susceptible to hurling stones, casting judgments and falling prey to those who choose to play "God."

"For every action, there is a re-action,", we must all calculate the movement and repercussions of our actions prior to acting. Depending on the direction we wish to move life, 'positive growth' or 'negativity', we must use 'knowledge', logic (reasoning), understanding and 'insights' into the movement we wish to 'produce'. Peaceful demonstrations and the "Pen' can promote positive 'growth', advancement, 'portraits, and diversity. Whereupon like terrorists who use the sword and imbed 'Nations' in a state of fear, 'violence, only begets violence and destruction.' The peaceful demonstration of Jena, La gives credence to those of us who 'Walk the Vision' and believe in the original doctrine with its philosophies. That there is 'strength in numbers' and 'collective knowledge and wisdom'. That the 'base' is 'mightier' than that of the 'capstone' when we utilize our resources and portray the true portraits and strength within our characters.
"Ignorance", will test an individuals strength in 'character'. Often times than not, we will re-act to the 'ignorance' displayed by others, without seeking council from our own character. Those who fall prey to this 'incubated' disease of character, will suffer 'regret, pain, misery and more times than not, time passing them by within the 'walls of time'. Should we bow to the level of 'ignorance'?, or recognize it for what it truly is? For those strong enough to walk away and recognize 'ignorance', their mission is clear. To find an answer for the disease, so they do not fall prey to or show tendencies of its grip within life and society. For those who are content to live within the realms of 'ignorance', I prefer to call them 'ignoramuses.'

Within the sphere of 'Life', we are all born into this world, mere "sharecroppers" in Life's chain and 'pyramid'. We receive from life, what we give of ourselves. We plant our efforts and contributions, then harvest our rewards. For those individuals who continually harvest and refuse to "plant", they find out soon enough, that life grows weary of their selfishness. Life is eternal, but it too has needs, wants and desires. A great deal of life has grown barren from abuse and neglect, the blessings bestowed upon us by "Life" have grown few and smaller. The "sharecroppers" are planting and harvesting less.

For those who are attentive to Life and the "seeds" they sow, they too are growing tired from the thefts of their crops by the "selfish". But the 'attentive', harbor a strength within their character that seems to have an endless supply of hope, will, dreams and visions, for a "Life" with some balance, peace and harmony. They labor to find answers for "ignorance", to spread their will, hope and spirit to lands barren and long forgotten. They have no time for death and destruction, they're too busy watching and finding ways to make life grow. To survive the 'struggle' with as little interruption and drama as possible, finding contentment with that which is near to their person and heart.

"It isn't so bad to be a "sharecropper" when you have a good team of horses to work with, especially ones which will drink water without too much encouragement." (smile) I want to thank all of you for letting me share my thoughts, dreams and visions with you over the years. I want to thank the "old sharecroppers" who have been with me for awhile and the "new immigrants" to our "field of dreams". I am one 'sharecropper' in life who will never refuse seed or help with efforts from others. Many of us seek 'unconditional love', would it not be Glorious if Life also was 'unconditional'. Until you let me share of myself again and plant seeds in your 'backyards'…..

I leave you as I came, with a great deal of respect and love for life
Lady Gray