Wednesday, January 16, 2008

'Tail Spin'

I come to those within life's 'struggle' to pay my nth respects to you and yours. I want to apologize for my absence and hope that sometime in the near future I will be able to join all of you again. I am still recovering from my accident where upon I shattered my left leg. I had 2 surgeries and now have quite a bit of metal in my leg. I have had to move to the country to my folk's place so that I could attain assistance with my care and recovery. We do not have internet access here where I am severely isolated at the moment. I have asked someone to post these articles here for all of my friends and members who share life with me and the 'struggle'.
This summer I had several friends call me when I was in the hospital and I want each one of you to know that those phone calls gave me the strength to endure the 24 dys in the hospital and since I've left. But right now I miss you all terribly and am upset at this huge setback for me. I've had no insurance or financial help and so now I struggle even more so than before. No I am not asking anyone here to help me with my 'struggle'. I just want you all to know what has been going on with me and happening. I still can not put any weight on my leg and I am in a wheel chair. Today is the last part of Oct. I have my system here at the farm, but it's not hooked up to the internet.

In this article, I would like to discuss some of the events which have been happening around the country and issues that some of you have come to me on. As always, I never reveal any of those who come and confide in me. But lessons within life and knowledge are essential to 'Growth and Development' and some of it should be shared.

This summer, the day before my accident, a young man of the 'struggle' and 'within' the life, came to me in regards to a couple of serious issues affecting some of our larger cities. I asked him to give me 3 days to write an article on the subject. The day after my accident, I had received an e-mail granting my request. I want to thank him for bestowing upon me, my request and the 'respect this young man has always shown my person. I also want to commend him on his decision, to 'let life take its due course.' There are times when life has a way of taking care of itself. 'Often when you have 'snakes' you're dealing with. You will find that they seek shelter in the shadows of 'bushes'. After a period of time, the 'snakes' will reveal their colors, hunger and purpose. The 'snakes' will devour one another, slither and die.' Thus, this will leave the way open for 'damage control' and 'reconstruction'. Change and life's advancement will not happen, unless it starts with 'US'. If we do not take the 'knowledge and wisdom' that we possess and use it effectively, we will remain stagnant and drown in life's swill with 'dead snakes and dead horses'.

Some of you this summer came to me in regards to 'splintering' and stolen 'lit'erature. First of all, I wish to discuss the 'stolen lit' issues. May I ask one, how can 'lit' be stolen, if it is shared in the first place? The original doctrine clearly states that we are to 'teach one, pull one up'. If anything is shared between individuals, how then can it be stolen by same said individuals? It is a slap against one man's pride and dignity, the disrespect of that which you all share. If you disrespect 'lit'erature in such a manner and its roots or origin, what makes one think that you will also respect life? If you can not appreciate the gesture of shared knowledge in a dignified and respectful manner, how will you then respect those who stand beside you in 'life's struggle' and appreciate their friendship? If you have so little disregard for shared knowledge, why should those who walk before you, 'OG's' and 'old folks' share their wisdom, events and journeys with you to minimize your struggle and pain along the way? Why should anyone want to commit violence over 'lit' with 'dead horses' which have no desire or strength of their own to walk the 'vision'. Are these the types of individuals you would wish to have beside you through life's journey and have them help you through a storm? It is extremely important and vital that each one of us takes care of our 'best asset', which is life itself. There will be no 'Growth' or advancement in life, no legacies written if we allow our hand to be raised against those who disrespect knowledge. We must realize that their visit here on this 'plane' in life will not be as long as our own if it is bereft of 'knowledge and wisdom'. If they do not have the respect and appreciation for the 'lit'rature to begin with, what type of strength if any will they truly reap from our shared 'strength'? It is not worth the effort or worry to get caught up in the mix over something written in black and white. After all, every day, literature which is written in 'black and white' imprisons many within the struggle. We limit our options of survival and 'flipping the script' buried or immured within the walls of time.

I have to laugh at individuals who come to me about the knowledge and wisdom I share. They ask me why I do so and why here on the internet? I follow and walk the 'vision' for the whole. One who walks the 'true' struggle does not have to worry about such things as 'wannabes, rogues, false-flaggers or infiltrators. I challenge anyone to live as I do for one week when my leg heals. I don't have to be a bad ass, although I am often raw with the truth and that hurts more than if I were to raise my hand against one. I don't fall prey to the 'games' in the arena and the vices of those within the capstone which enriches their purses only. It's true that knowledge is golden, but wisdom can be deadly. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, the wisdom comes from knowing the difference between the two. Wisdom also comes from knowing the 'strength' behind the 'knowledge' and 'life' that you choose to share with others. If your gesture of generosity will help others in life so that you may in turn be dealt a kinder hand when life comes to your doorstep, then do so. No I am not talking about 'materialism' either, just 'life's blessings' plain, pure and simple. For now, I am content with a thank you when it comes or a kind word from those I choose to share my words with. I am also content to learn of their knowledge and lives also, to expound on what I already carry within me to strengthen my character.

I have a problem with the term, 'insubordination' which is often to freely used. 'Respect which is received, is respect which can be given.' Respect which is earned can invite life to reveal its true meaning and agenda for you. Everyone in life 'should' have their own purpose and reason to survive the 'struggle', which life will reveal to them in time. Insubordination does not exist if one leads with respect, honor and dignity. One should never ask another individual to carry out an action or event that he himself does not have the strength to do. One should never ask another individual to incur another burden within the 'struggle' and life, that he knows he could not endure or survive himself. Such an individual who does turn to others or uses his position within life for self-serving agendas, is often riddled with short-comings and weaknesses. He rules by the sword and is the creator of shadows which swallow up life and time.

If an individual is disrespectful to your person after he has displayed it to you and earned your respect in turn…if he has dishonored an element or trait which is characteristic of your person, you should allow him to drown in his own swill. Often such individuals not only create small shadows, but they seek refuge within the bushes next to larger shadows. Often they are consumed by the larger shadows and evils. The 'true essence' of their character over time is revealed to all, they get lost in the 'portrait' they choose to paint of themselves.

If an individual dishonors your person through smite, spite, theft and broken promises, you are not to raise your hand against them without caution or the use of knowledge and wisdom first. If he steals from your table, ask him why? Mayhap you have forgotten that he also has a family and his own 'struggle' is tenfold. If he has done so for materialism, vices or has devised his own self-serving agendas, do not allow him to get any bigger on your porch or invite him to sit at your table any longer. But be aware of the fact, that there may come a time in life when he can put water in your 'dog dish' or 'knowledge in your 'well'. Men within the walls of time have learned this lesson well and have found themselves seeing another day because they have allowed such an individual to exist within their realms.

Always 'treat' others as you wish to be treated yourself. Constantly observe life and those around you…looking at events and situations, placing yourself within them hypothetically and ask yourself how you would fare in the same boat. This is best done to avoid and cope with situations and conditions which arise on your own journey in life. Humans love to be challenged, they often seek to create challenges, when in fact, the two greatest challenges are provided by life itself. To be responsible for another life or 'seed' that you have planted and the hardest of all, to be "righteous".

The last few years, we have seen an increase in heinous crimes and crimes of passion within society. It almost seems that the very life we seek is imploding around us, not waiting for answers to mend its cracks. As we are enfolded within portraits of negativity within the media and entertainment industry, our mental frame work has been conditioned to follow suit. We've become akin to 'mice' and the 'pied piper'. We more times than not follow, instead of taking the initiative to lead

"Ignorance is, as ignorance does," another favorite quote of mine. This philosophy was never so true or prevalent as it was this summer in Jena, La. Just as in the Civil Rights movement, where injustice, pain and misery were revealed and acknowledged through peaceful demonstration and by 'the pen', so to was the back water injustices within Jena, La. Justice within the small community had been based on a foundation of biased "ignorance" and traditions of "racism". But as the strong within "life's struggle' gathered to stamp out the diseases of "ignorance, injustice and racism" in a peaceful demonstration, we were all reminded of how vulnerable we are as humans. How portraits of negativity, judgments, the casting of stones, and society's 'branding iron' is never far from our person. We are all susceptible to hurling stones, casting judgments and falling prey to those who choose to play "God."

"For every action, there is a re-action,", we must all calculate the movement and repercussions of our actions prior to acting. Depending on the direction we wish to move life, 'positive growth' or 'negativity', we must use 'knowledge', logic (reasoning), understanding and 'insights' into the movement we wish to 'produce'. Peaceful demonstrations and the "Pen' can promote positive 'growth', advancement, 'portraits, and diversity. Whereupon like terrorists who use the sword and imbed 'Nations' in a state of fear, 'violence, only begets violence and destruction.' The peaceful demonstration of Jena, La gives credence to those of us who 'Walk the Vision' and believe in the original doctrine with its philosophies. That there is 'strength in numbers' and 'collective knowledge and wisdom'. That the 'base' is 'mightier' than that of the 'capstone' when we utilize our resources and portray the true portraits and strength within our characters.
"Ignorance", will test an individuals strength in 'character'. Often times than not, we will re-act to the 'ignorance' displayed by others, without seeking council from our own character. Those who fall prey to this 'incubated' disease of character, will suffer 'regret, pain, misery and more times than not, time passing them by within the 'walls of time'. Should we bow to the level of 'ignorance'?, or recognize it for what it truly is? For those strong enough to walk away and recognize 'ignorance', their mission is clear. To find an answer for the disease, so they do not fall prey to or show tendencies of its grip within life and society. For those who are content to live within the realms of 'ignorance', I prefer to call them 'ignoramuses.'

Within the sphere of 'Life', we are all born into this world, mere "sharecroppers" in Life's chain and 'pyramid'. We receive from life, what we give of ourselves. We plant our efforts and contributions, then harvest our rewards. For those individuals who continually harvest and refuse to "plant", they find out soon enough, that life grows weary of their selfishness. Life is eternal, but it too has needs, wants and desires. A great deal of life has grown barren from abuse and neglect, the blessings bestowed upon us by "Life" have grown few and smaller. The "sharecroppers" are planting and harvesting less.

For those who are attentive to Life and the "seeds" they sow, they too are growing tired from the thefts of their crops by the "selfish". But the 'attentive', harbor a strength within their character that seems to have an endless supply of hope, will, dreams and visions, for a "Life" with some balance, peace and harmony. They labor to find answers for "ignorance", to spread their will, hope and spirit to lands barren and long forgotten. They have no time for death and destruction, they're too busy watching and finding ways to make life grow. To survive the 'struggle' with as little interruption and drama as possible, finding contentment with that which is near to their person and heart.

"It isn't so bad to be a "sharecropper" when you have a good team of horses to work with, especially ones which will drink water without too much encouragement." (smile) I want to thank all of you for letting me share my thoughts, dreams and visions with you over the years. I want to thank the "old sharecroppers" who have been with me for awhile and the "new immigrants" to our "field of dreams". I am one 'sharecropper' in life who will never refuse seed or help with efforts from others. Many of us seek 'unconditional love', would it not be Glorious if Life also was 'unconditional'. Until you let me share of myself again and plant seeds in your 'backyards'…..

I leave you as I came, with a great deal of respect and love for life
Lady Gray

Friday, August 17, 2007

Man and Beast

Hello to all of those within life's struggle,

In the past I have been known for discussing topics and issues that others would just as soon avoid or more importantly ignore, but that only leads to further imprisonment and ignorance. I have never condoned ignorance on any level in life, for it only 'deters' the advancement of man and weakens the 'nucleus' of every individual. Lately we have seen a great deal of chaos, violence, crime and dissension, not only within the realms and streets of impoverishment, but on all levels of life's pyramid, from the 'base' to the 'capstone'. I have found that once again life has a way of revealing itself to those who seek enlightenment.

I am a sister deeply embedded in life's struggle and I often see things from different angles than those who confine themselves in life's boxes. I would now like to discuss the news events surrounding the pit-bull fighting allegations against Vick from Atlanta. More importantly, I wish to discuss the disturbing mentality and characteristics displayed by the individuals involved. How they've not only committed crimes against the animal world, but humanity as well. The negative portraits they've chosen to paint which lead to stereotyping, branding, tagging and labeling of individuals within life's struggle

I've been sitting here asking myself, what makes a young man like Vick, who worked, sacrificed and struggled to succeed in life, maintain a negative mentality? Why would a man who just signed a $100 million dollar contract get involved with a sport that is more violent and animalistic than the one which he has chosen to excel in himself? It isn't just Vick and those in professional sports either, it's individuals who have risen to fame within the entertainment industry as well and some politicians who are considered 'war horses' or 'iron horses' and are deeply rooted within our government. It seems like once an individual gets to where they want to be in life, they forget about the elements of morality, humanity, dignity and respect for life itself. They almost feel like they now hold a license not to be human, they're above life, law and age old silent codes that have guided civilizations since the beginning of time.

I found the descriptions by Vick's co-defendants in regards to the treatment of the pit-bulls, to be not only gruesome, but almost sci-fi-fantasia. I couldn't believe that men would actually discuss the murder, mangling, hanging and beating of dogs so openly. I sat here in my hospital bed and now looked upon these men as hollowed out shells which once contained souls and spirits for life....who robbed them?

I've been worried this week that some clueless individual will look upon these individuals in this case as honorable, powerful, a bad-ass boy and carry on with their pit-bull events and fights, more terrifying is the possibility that they may carry it over into the 'street games.' I would like to discuss some of my concerns now with all of you....remember that these are my opinions, views and observations only. Many of my views are also derived from involvement with 'bad-ass' men the last 7 years also.

I keep sitting here thinking to myself....these men who spent untold amounts on violence, pain and misery....they could have given us just $10,000 to bring life, pride and joy to thousands again. So many of us struggle, merely existing with thoughts of not only living for ourselves again, but pulling up everyone around us. These actions by these individuals disturbed me. Although I am the Founder of the Judged Men Alliance and I have never turned anyone away, I hope that none of these men who will do time within the walls of the Fed Pens will contact me. I'm not sure how I would deal with their time.

This summer I have seen a great deal of emphasis put on leadership within all dimensions of life, from the government to the streets. How can we recognize the elements of 'leadership' today when we seem to be surrounded by phony ass people, sell-outs and 'clueless wanderers'. How do we tell when someone is 'TREAL' (true to and within) to life and the 'whole of the people'. How many times do we see 'leaders' and 'politicians' waiver only to become distracted and enter the realms of self-serving agendas?

Over the last 7 years when similar events have happened to individuals with Vick's status and position in life, I've had many words thrown my way. Why do you want to help individuals who don't know what to do with their lives or money once they do make it? That's right Lady help them all out, put money into their hands so they can commit more crimes, or, they don't want to help themselves, life is a fg* joke to them, one big game! This is one of the reasons I struggle so hard where I now live. The negative portraits painted by individuals within the minority of the majority in life. In other words the chosen few who do make it out of the 'base' of life's pyramid.

What youth, man or individual would want to be associated or connected with someone who shows such little respect for life? Right about now Vick is sitting there shaking his head like a bobble dog in the rear window of a low rider, looking at his co-defendants and saying to himself, where is all the love? They all say it sooner or later, especially those who are on self-serving agendas. If a man is not going to properly take care of an animal which is mostly dependent on man for survival, show an animal respect, what the hell is he going to have to offer you? Now you may counter and come at me with, 'but it's only a dog or animal'. I say to that,' are we all not a part of the animal kingdom?' How many times have I said the last few years that a man who rules in fear his tenure or reign will be short?

I've often said that a 'top dog' who rules with fear, no respect for life and on a self-serving agenda will fall due to his lack of knowledge and wisdom in regards to man and life. Vick's co-defendants are perfect examples of a self-serving agenda and bad blue print. This is why I have so staunchly protected 'Glory Road', I don't want it to fall into the hands of men on self-serving agendas or whom are sell-outs to life themselves. When you have 'corner puppies' in your kennel that whine and cry, aren't satisfied with their treatment and environment, sooner or later someone is going to hear their cries. As soon as they're detected, they begin to howl and the 'top dog' will be the first dog to fall. In other words not everyone was happy with what they were finding in their dog dish.

But Vick, is just one house on life's block....but don't think for a minute that his landscape won't spill into his neighbors domain. Do not think that the portraits his behavior and actions have painted won't effect those within the 'base' of life's pyramid.

I can't tell you if as individuals they were clueless before they achieved fame and wealth. If they lacked morality, compassion, respect, dignity and pride as individuals or not. In some respects I'm glad that at this point and time it is only linked to animals (pit-bulls) and not humans, youth or young men searching for tomorrow.

In this case, I don't believe the time is beneficial to the crime. They're going to do less time then individuals who sell a few joints of pot. The fallout from the portraits they've left in the social art gallery will be more destructive than the due process of the law they must now endure. I believe they all need some type or form of counseling, something they will not receive within the walls of time. Their sentence will only compound any issues that they now host and generate a character even more volatile than the one they now present to us.

I know that some of you may have thought about the media being thrown at us in regards to this case. I was born and raised in the country so I don't quite understand this type of disrespect for life. These pit-bulls were not a threat to any of these individuals....Vick could surely afford to feed them or sell them without murdering or torturing them. These are individuals I sure wouldn't want dating my daughter or helping my folks in the community.

I do believe that we should send a prayer up for them though....maybe because we don't enjoy the privilege yet of holding a license that says we no longer have to be human.
I hope some of this makes sense to you.....I can't wait for this whole leg thing to get done.......

Much love and respect to the BOS who stand beside this SOS.
Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Free and Stay Sweet
Lady Gray
'The "echo" of 'life's Drums are Being heard.......

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Line of Defense--Is an intellectual offense

The Best Line of Defense---Is an intellectual offense
First of all we must dissect the present portraits being displayed in the Social Art Galleries. As of late I have been receiving reports from major cities across the Nation in regards to violence being fueled by actions committed by the very individuals who have been sworn to protect their communities. Law enforcement....there are realms within the Law Enforcement communities who have been committing and enciting violence themselves, hurling the blame on 'street gang factions' to acquire more funding from the USDOJ. This Dept. is the only dept. within our government realms which seems to have a bottomless pit of funding. With Fed funding being cut within all entities of our govt, the state realms are also floundering to survive and meet their committments.

As funding across the Board is being slashed, options for our youth have diminished greatly within the realms of education, business, health care, etc. In fact the options that many of us had 30 yrs. ago within these elements and tools for the advancement of life has been endangered or extinct.The best way to tackle the problems on the streets is through 'collective knowledge and wisdom' and the sharing of hope, dreams, agendas and support for the youth. To share with them options for their future and to encourage them to 'touch life' and once again become creative, by helping to develop positive portraits for not only their advancement, but for others as well.When the original sweeps in this Nation were conducted in 93' and since across this Nation, the two most vulnerable classes in society were left behind to fall prey to the realms of politics and media portraits, the very young and the elderly. There were no voices of strength or direction left within these communities. We now have a lost generation of 'youth' and a 'struggling' generation of elderly.

The Greatest change within our society as far as I am concerned within the last Century, was the Civil Rights Movement. Ever since WWII when our Nation immobilized for the Great Cause, the govt. and media have used the tag "War" at their discretion to implement a 'psychological' conditioning among the 'whole' of the people. We have seen the Korean War, Vietnam War, War on Inflation, War on Poverty, War on Drugs, etc., the label is used to freely by the media and within the realms of govt to often get the masses to rally round and support their causes and exhorbitant spending for their self-serving agendas. It is quite apparent to this individual who lived through the 60's and 70's that the government did not want the Nation mobilized behind the Civil Rights Movement and chose not to place the tag War within that cause. Nonetheless, it succeeded at a great deal of self and social sacrifice. This led those who would suppress us to take their erosive 'booty' and dump it into the next cauldron for which they could capitalize on, Apartheid and S. Africa.

I have many youth and individuals who have been searching for answers to the issues which not only hinder their advancement in life, but those which also plague their communities. The problem is that there is strength in numbers and our numbers are small compared to the paramount issues we face. The greatest effort that any of us can make right now, is to enter the realms of our neighborhoods, educate the youth, share knowledge and wisdom with them. Dissect for them the negative portraits which encompass their daily lives so that they may see clearly the mad artist behind the portraits itself.

There was a time in the 80's and early 90's when individuals within the 'struggle' and 'paper chase' had the mental frame that they were invincible. The mentality of the youth today is one of acceptance, that they must be imprisoned or incarcerated before they can truly live. I find this very sad......

I leave you as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life.
Lady Gray
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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Walking The Vision

Walkin’ In The Vision
THE VISION is the legacy of a man named Larry B. Hoover. Mr. Hoover’s Vision is that the disenfranchised of America’s Urban Centers not merely be given a voice, but that we should one day emerge as a power to be reckoned with. Mr. Hoover gave his freedom attempting to give to a people who have largely been ignored, a share in the so-called “American Dream.” The Brothers of Struggle are the rightful heirs to this inheritance. It is of the gravest importance that the Membership and Leadership of Growth and Development not squander this great inheritance by being burdened with low morale, defeatism, and/or corruption.

Through the years Growth and Development has achieved many successes. Among them:
21st Century Vote.With 21st Century Vote, many modern urbanites were introduced, face-to-face with their potential power to effect change in a positive and lawful manner. We learned that power is transient; constantly moving and evolving. We also learned that we could, at some point, harness this power for the greater good of the common people.Of course along with these successes came some significant setbacks.

The Federal Governments decision to begin a prosecutorial campaign against street organizations, utilizing the same statutes being used to combat organized crime proved devastating. As a result, many key members, and indeed Mr. Hoover himself, are to this day immured away within Americas prisons. But the Vision is not lost. He is still a very viable instrument in the struggle of the oppressed to lift themselves from object poverty and decay to the very hallowed halls of American power.

No move focused on changing the balance of power can be achieved, let alone sustained for any meaningful period of time without the support of the community. Why should communities support Growth and Development?We live in a time where terror runs rampant. On radio and television government officials bombard us daily with repeated threats of individuals and groups allegedly determined to disrupt American Society. The result is a climate of fear. Fear causes the most sensible persons to act in an irrational manner.For many, it is difficult to make intelligent distinctions between criminals and terrorists, because both have been exploited by mass media outlets to evoke sentiments of fear and intimidation.

Take a moment to imagine if you would, an elderly Black woman in the projects. She sits in her window day in and day out, watching drug deals, shootings, stabbings, robberies, fights, lewd behavior and all other manner of general mayhem. We all know she’s watching, because in every urban area across this nation there’s an elderly Black woman or Black man who just sits in their window…..watching. Do you imagine that the fear she feels from living in an embattled urban war zone is that dissimilar from her fear of an even moderately successful terrorist attack?

In short, we cannot reasonably expect that a community will readily throw its support behind our organization’s cause when we are so easily associated with the very things in which the people fear. No doubt, humankind will forever hold a negative outlook for those things which rob them of their security.

In order to gain the community’s support, Brothers of Struggle ought to look toward bold and innovative ways to show the community that we are worthy of their trust and support.
A “Fans-For-The-Elderly” a summer collaboration between Growth and Development and local retailers to make it possible for impoverished seniors to avoid heat prostration and other heat associated illnesses during the sweltering summer months. Frequent “Community Clean-Ups” in the most needy neighborhoods, along with cook-outs, free screening for Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/Aids, STD’s, etc., can help to bring people together over culturally diverse lines. Growth and Development can be responsible for that. These are only a few examples of effective community outreach.

It would be wise to note that in order to share the message of Growth and Development, we MUST first befriend the very communities we will be depending upon for support when the so-called “powers that be” ignite the spark intended to silence us. As long as we are seen as the purveyors of thuggish behavior, the community will continue to fear us and based upon that fear, they will continue to steer our comparably equipped and often better-trained adversaries straight to our door. Making the Brother of Struggle take the time to defend themselves when that time could be better spent creating the environment necessary for the Vision to come to fruition. In other words, it is ESSENTIAL that we develop programs that foster confidence in the Growth and Development agenda.

Some programs might target the Criminal Justice System, such as finding sympathetic judges who are willing to try innovative programs for young offenders. Who are willing to leave the young offenders in the community instead of in the care of the Youth Authority. With our project if they are willing to participate, they can remain in the community to work, and get involved with educational/study/mentoring programs provided by Growth and Development. Designed to nurture their natural talents while at the same time strengthening character traits such as honesty, dignity and respect for life in general.

Teaching the youth basic survival skills, swimming, cooking, operate computers, first-aid, fire safety, all examples of programs that Growth and development could offer to the community with the added benefit of dispelling the fears of the people. To secure a presence in the business community and make alliances therein, BOS can offer monetary awards to business leaders and local companies. An example can be the Growth and Development Industrial Achievement Award, which honors businesses whom commit themselves to improving the quality of life for the people in inner-cities through hiring and promotional initiatives, environmental consciousness, technological advancements and work/study programs that target the local communities in which they are located.

This desire and vision needs to be taken off the back burner and the reality of its fruition is not far off. In a few short years of steady hard work, Growth and Development can flourish into a positive force with strength in numbers, along with collective wisdom and knowledge. The reason this vision can be successful is due to the will and desire of the “whole” of the people.
In a world disillusioned by over zealous politicians and public officials, yellow portraits painted by entities within the realms of media, the people once again are looking for guidance, direction and hope from a group of individuals who have been where they’ve been and have seen what they’ve endured. The time is right, the time is now, for individuals to unite together to seek answers for the preservation and future of tomorrow.

The true power of American society lies not with the political elite, but firmly within the grasp of Corporate America. So much so that in 1871, the 41st Congress received a corporate charter from Great Britain forming a for-profit commercial entity entitled the United States.
The reality of Corporate power can be seen in many facets within our daily lives. Whenever corporate leaders decide to close a factory within a neighborhood, that community’s economic stability is threatened. In this regard, corporations hold sway over mass populations.
Corporations contribute heavily to political campaigns. Politicians who accept these contributions, become agents for the corporation who help attain and maintain their political post or seat. Corporations are in business for profit, if their political agents are not beneficial to the corporate goals and profits, why would they see fit to contribute in the first place? Is it the influential voice within the politician, or the influential funds?

Do not delude yourself into accepting defeat by choosing to lug around doctrines that promote failure. Growth and Development is a Vision of victors, of prosperity, of success and second best can NEVER be an option! So think about taking your place within industry and moving life in positive directions.

A for-profit Christian Academy can be developed in some of the more affluent communities. God’s Regional Alliance of Christian Educators or (G.R.A.C.E.), has a program that will help you develop schools and even help you run them, until you are capable of operating them on your own. For further information refer to the Community Involvement section.

In order to secure success for the BOS and SOS, it will of course be necessary that Growth and Development have a presence in the financial sector. To achieve this, we must seriously consider opening an international bank, I know some of you will be skeptical to this aspect. However, an international bank is a dynamic tool which will enable Growth and Development to control the flow of our capital, engage in the securities trade, merchant banking, and the acceptance of deposits. For more information contact Worldwide Business Consultants,Inc.

Commitment is a promise, a pledge…..”I agree, for as long as I stand proudly under the blue sky…”, “We the Brother and Sisters of Struggle, pledging whole heartedly….”
Commitment to this cause is the foundation of our shared service to Growth and Development. A commitment to reflect positive attitudes, behaviors and actions, as we struggle to become a voice heard among the masses.

Before Growth and Development, many of us were stuck in a quagmire of procrastination, deceit and scandalous viewpoints. These negative conditions served to stifle our individual growth and development. We thought wrong was right. We were indifferent to morals. We were easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to be led in the right direction.

It is certainly true that our conduct is a direct product of those values and ideals we are now committed to. Those who are committed to righteousness, walk more often than not, in an upright manner. Those committed to the pursuit of foolishness, more often than not, carry themselves as if every waking moment is Amateur Night at the Comedy Club. Those committed to corruption continually strive to prey on others. In this regard, a man’s commitment’s can be seen through his social practices.

This is not to say that any of us are perfect. Rather, just as a tree is known by the fruits it bares, so too is a man known… the fruits he bares. Commitment is not merely a one-time declaration, but a continuing process of Growth and Development which is intended to foster the BOS and SOS, as we strive for success, both on an individual basis as well as a collective level. Commitment does not stop at the Pledges.

We must continually ask ourselves whether or not our actions and plans reflect our commitments to do all in our power to ensure our desires and Visions become a Reality….If not, those areas in which we are found to be lacking, need careful examination and a commitment to rid our lives of any and all barriers to our success.

“True character is a rider, seated firmly atop the shoulders of commitment. So when commitment falters, character is thrown.” What does your character say about your commitments? What does your commitment say about your belief in the Vision?

It is true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. What we must now consider is the destination. If we continue to attack our 21st Century problems with 20th Century answers and methods, we will no doubt continue on a road further and further away from the Vision within our hopes and dreams.

In short, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always received.

Stand firm my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Struggle, through true dedication, determination and discipline, our future can be as close as the next horizon.

Monday, March 05, 2007

'When All Else Fails'

When All Else Fails
By:"Tear Drop

"What should I do when I have tried almost everything? I can think o fevery thought, every idea and nothing seems to work. There is one thing I have not tried and that is lying or telling stories about how I feel. If I did, maybe then you would want to listen to me about how I feel. But I can't, I won't and I probably never will. So when all else fails, at least I can say I never lied to you. I know it's hard for us (well, for me anyways, because I'm so emotional, or let's just say I'm a simple man with feelings).

I care for you all: the females and playaz lost without a clue. There must be something holding me back, pulling my heart from a cold world or pulling you away from me. But I continue to care for this world anyways. 'When all else has failed', when separate paths have been taken, when I can no longer cry and all my tears have dried, I can still find the strength to touch life.

I am at peace knowing I have tried and I am the voice that has cried out about the "whole of my people". The low income wages and jobs where my people are over-worked, under-paid and unappreciated, but who still feel blessed to have survived the "struggle" for their families.

These eyes still envision the crack-corners, project buildings, alleyways and street-life junkies doing what they do. Dope fiend excuses are useless, except to provide prison and escape from reality. But our responsibility remains to be "men" for our women and fathers for our children.

But I realize, "I am my own worst enemy". I was and have been (and still maybe) lost. As I walk, I realize someone must be with me, but who? Whoever it was, had to have carried me a few miles into life, because I wear shoes and his feet were bare. So my prayers were heard throughout the city blocks…different sets, hoods, and ghettoes.

In these places, our children out grow the mature adult. They embrace fear and respect, or accept the grim realities of dying, even before they learn what it is to live. So they are "gangstas". I am a 'disciple,' disciplined inside to follow what life teaches the lost. I have become a leader, called upon to lead and not mislead, because I too was once misled.

I'm telling you all of this, because I know where most of our younger generation is heading ... without love , comfort, strength and support to guide them.. I have been there, for I am them back then, just as they are me now. This road leads to "prison" the "brink of death". Destination: "destruction. So I ask my folks to grow with me.

I make the commitment to grow into a better man, better father, with a stronger mind. Reaching out for a better life and a new "positive development" ."I am growth and development" when all else fails.

By: Tear Drop
R. W. F.2006
Tear Drop is a young black man, presently incarcerated in the USP system.

Hit 55 Baby!!!

Hit 55 Baby! Answer the phone Baby Girl, just hit 55. Can't you hear it calling you? I need to hear your voice tonight. Cameras to the left of me, guys to the right. My desire standing up for you, wanting to be heard.

That's it, right after the recording girl, hit 55. Come on now baby, we're burning up my minutes!I thought you'd never push that button, what took you so long? I've had you on my mind 24/7, missing you, loving you, thanking the man for blessing me with you. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Have you heard from the kids?

I haven't heard from the courts yet on my appeal. As soon as I know, you'll be the first one I call. I can't wait to come home to you, my daughter and my mama. This cage life has me in, hasn't been fun. Walking around like a black cat on light feet. Protecting my best asset, which is me!Men snapping to the left of me, dying to the right, I'm nothing but a termite in Sam's woodshed. Pumping out office furniture for pennies on the dollar.

Read the paper from home the other day. Saw two of my homies on the front page. They burned life and dissed the creator. Now they're in a time capsule and will never see daylight. That could have been me baby, but he saved me. Mama tried to tell me, I never should have put my hand on that gun. But what's a man suppose to do with his daughter's mouth open like a hungry little bird. I have a date girl to come home. I've seen men in here, buried in here, their time deceased.

Time is nothing, when it comes to loving you. Wanting your soft flesh, not touching you, not seeing you in the morning. Give me some sugar baby girl, that was our first beep. Whisper in my ear, tell me how much you love me. Don't give up on me, don't leave me. I can see life's door opening up for me and smell the fresh air.

Come here baby girl, let me wrap my arms around you. Another beep and time is slipping away. If you only knew what just hearing your voice does to me. Long after our time has run out, I stand here, my mouth moving, Waiting for all of my desires to wind down. Cameras rolling, guys standing in line, my respect for our love won't let my feet move. Here comes some sugar baby girl, stretch out next to me in your dreams.

The next time I call, don't take so long to hit 55, With all of the beeps, buzzers and clangs, you'd think we were celebrating life. No not me, I'm just doing hard time, Fed time, with heavy tags. Have to keep moving my mouth, remembering her voice, waiting for my feet to move. Cameras to the left of me, CO's to the right, guys standing in line waiting to touch life. Every time I call, she'll be there.

Just hit 55 Baby and we'll tear these walls down, one brick at a time. Hit 55 and touch me, Tell me how much you miss and love me.My feet are moving now. Just hit 55 and blow me some soft sugar. I'm ready now Baby Girl, I'll meet you in my dreams.

By: T-Bear, in the FCI system.

The "Old Man" & "Touchdown"

"Touchdown" was a young boy born in Memphis, TN, raised in theScutterfield District. A young boy of 8 or 9 years of age, growing up in the projects and being raised by his grandparents. Like many young boys at this age, he was extremely impressionable, his eyes full of wonder within his dysfunctional environment, an adventurous young boy to say the least. His area of Memphis was like many hoods, impoverished, riddled with crime and street games. Individuals involved in life's struggle, just trying to survive the times.

Growing up with two older Uncles in their late teens involved in "street life", "Touchdown" became enamored at a very young age with the "street games" and "preying" on those weaker within life. He would often listen late at night to the older teens and young males talk of their endeavors within "drugs, pimping, robbing and gang banging". Late in elementary school, he was excelling in sports and had many friends due to his Uncle's position in the neighborhood. He soon followed in his Uncle's shoes and portraits of negativity, turning his small "click" into his crew of "neutral"followers. Not yet "plugged" into a gang, "Touchdown" looked for "youthful" ways to attain money for himself and "crew". They played arcade games, ate pizza and hung out with the older teens and male individuals within their "hood". Often they would make "beer runs" for the older gang members and this seemed like an honor to them. But they all wanted to be like the individuals around them who sported new cars, jewelry, girls, smoked dope and partied.

There was this "Old Man" who lived down the street from the projects who had two dogs. He had a fence around his yard and often left the dogs in the yard to take fresh air. This "Old Man" was a centurion in his neighborhood. He had survived time and was filled with life's knowledge, pain and suffering. He would watch all of the coming and goings on his street. One day the "Old Man's" two dogs got out. "Touchdown" and his "crew" walked by and the "Old Man" asked them if they had seen his dogs? If he found them for him, he would reward them."Touchdown" knew where the dogs had gone.

Everyday the "Old Man"would take the dogs for a walk to the park. "Touchdown" knew this was where the dogs probably were. So he and his friends went to the park in search of the dogs. Sure enough, they found them running and playing in the park. They took the dogs back to the "Old Man". Grateful and true to his word, he rewarded the boys. He gave them enough money to get a pizza and play a couple of arcade games.

It wasn't long before "Touchdown" turned this event in life into a money making game. He and his "crew" would go by the "Old Man's" house and let the dogs out. Then go and hang out with older gang members for a while before walking past the "Old Man's" house once again. They knew there was only one place the dogs would go, to the park, the only place the "Old Man" would take them. They'd come by and the "Old Man" would ask them to find his dogs again. This left the young "crew" with inflated egos, because now they had a money making game too, just like the older gang members in the neighborhood.

At 40, "Touchdown" is now doing a heavy sentence for gang related offenses and organized crime. Being "plugged" into the "GangsterDisciples" in his young teens by his "Uncle", he soon rose through the ranks of the organization. He had his own crew and set. He was also a star athlete. Many within his neighborhood protected "Touchdown" hoping that he would be one of the "lucky" survivors who made it out of their hood. True to their dreams and hopes, "Touchdown" excelled in sports in High School. He became a protected fixture in the neighborhood. He was left out of the harsher side of "gang banging". He became a State All-Around Athlete and attained a Football Scholarship to a University where he played Quarterback. In his sophomore year of College in one game he blew out his knee. His dreams and desires came to an end. He returned to his "hood" and those in his "crew".

All of this time he had been protected, family and individuals within the community were counting on him. Once again "Touchdown" picked up the "street life" within the GD Organization and excelled. After all, in his heart he owed many of those around him who had protected him from the darkest chapters within life.

At age 40, one-third of his life spent behind bars, "Touchdown" is one of a handful from his set that has reached 40. This is only due to the fact that he has been incarcerated within State and Federal Penal Facilities. As he sits now in his cell, buried within time, many of those he shared life with taken by the "games" and "plays" of the streets. He sits back and thinks about that "Old Man". Was he as stupid as they all thought, or was he truly one of life's Angels? He knew everything that went on in his neighborhood, he had nothing better to do, then sit and watch time pass him by. Did he give the young boys money, hoping that they wouldn't follow in the footsteps of others in his neighborhood? Was he hoping as he saw these young boys open his gate and pass by his house, that they would be the future and the real "warriors" in life? Could they possibly by the ones who wouldn't fall into life's traps and pick up the "struggle" where he left off.

The "Old Man" now gone with the passage of time. "Touchdown" sees life through his eyes a little late and the hard way. He lies in his cell and thinks about these younger days in his life. The "Old Man"didn't look so stupid anymore…for "Touchdown's" only desire now, was to take up life where the "Old Man" had left off. Sitting in a small house, in front of a window in his neighborhood, watching the "struggle" and "the life" claiming its victims. Maybe, just maybe, he will be able to finish what the "Old Man" had started and find the new "Warriors" to fight the "struggle" before "life" claims them.

I leave you as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life.
Lady Gray
This article is dedicated to "Touchdown" presently incarcerated in a Federal Penal Facility in the State of TN

Monday, September 25, 2006



All of the theories, analogies, logic and observations in this article are based solely on the mental frame and leg work of Lady Gray.

When will it end, this vicious circle in life that tears up the roots of people and ravages communities all across this nation. The games of life where the players get younger every year, the paper chase, the self-servings agendas of a self anointed few who ravage the communities that either spawned them or they choose to govern? When will the security bars come off from the houses we work so hard for, our children be able to play stick ball and football in the streets again safely, spend Sunday afternoons as bar-be-ques and family gatherings on the yards in our
communities, men and women dressed in their Sunday finest with their children in tow walking to church again? IF, the biggest, little word in the English language,a self induced sentence all of its own making.

I am a staunch believer of “strength in numbers” and “collective wisdom and knowledge.” I often ask those within my alliance and following who are incarcerated, what would happen if men and individuals took all of their negative energy and converted it to positive power?

How many of you have ever seen the old classic, “It’s A Wonderful Life”? In the movie, the star role is played by James Stewart. Although he sees himself as insignificant and somewhat minute in his existence, by the end of the film, his individual character has touched and enriched everyone within his community, in all
reality, he is the most important man in town. As individuals, for every life we touch or enrich, they will in turn touch and enrich a thousand others in their lifetime.

This summer I was speaking with two elderly black women in Detroit, they live near the university. One of the women is a retired government employee, has lived in her home for 40 odd years. Two blocks from her home, when she came to a stop sign, a young male specimen broke out the passenger side of her truck and stole her purse. At the end of her street, a young white male specimen was found hanging in a tree over a drug deal gone bad. But the saddest news of all or information that I received, was when they told me the young “corner puppies” and individuals on the “paper chase” were hanging the sneakers of individuals they had “dusted off” or “powdered” (murdered), in their windows and on their porches to mark their territory.

First of all, I felt sorry for the families who would never have those sneakers sit beside or walk through their doors again. Then I felt sorry for the individuals who had no strength of their own, they felt the only way they could obtain it was to take another life. But most of all, I felt sorry for society in general in the community, the individual who once filled and gave life to those sneakers, would not be “touching” or “enriching” their lives.

This display of character and mentality upset me. I would like to now address this issue of these animalistic rituals and characteristics which is practiced in many communities across our fine nation. I had no clue of this display by male specimens who run the streets and life’s gamut, so I went in search of answers. This was a difficult task, finding answers and knowledge of this bizarre display of male identity. Most of the men within my alliance are from state correctional facilities and can stand on their own two feet, they don’t belong to any organization within or without, they’re independents and choose to exercise their intellect for the good
of the whole tomorrow. The men who are within my alliance that have been connected to an organization, do not practice this display of “thuggism” either, however they do respect and honor the silent codes of other organizations, and could or would not discuss my inquiries into “sneakers”. So I decided to run down some of the puppies within my realm who have come to me for help in the past and wrench the information from their depths (smile). The following information, although not forged in iron, is of fairly consistent knowledge and you may gather from it what you may. That’s both sides of life’s fence.

SNEAKERS: When I think of sneakers, I thing of youth and sports. However, over the years, podiatrists have found themselves recommending the foot apparel of yesterday to the elderly of today, for comfort and support. There is however, another mentality that thrives in this country, and they use “sneakers” to mark their territory as a symbol of fear and terror within their communities for all who reside or pass through their neighborhoods. For those of you who have not seen this display, who have not ventured outside of your safe bumper zones in life, I will now tell you what I know of “sneakers.”

In some cities, communities and neighborhoods, “sneakers” are thrown over telephone and electrical lines as a symbol that the drug shipment has arrived and the dope man is there also with his wares of debilitating vices for you to purchase. “Sneakers” which are hung within windows of houses like prisms to catch the light have two meanings of display as well. The first is the individual within the residence is gang related, he hangs his shoes up as a sign of the “dirt” he has walked through and dealt out on the streets within the games of life he chooses to play and distribute. The second display of “sneakers” are trophy symbols, meaning they belong to the individuals that they have personally “powdered” or “dusted off”, in other words murder. They hang these in a symbolic attempt to distribute their fear and terror into the souls and hearts of their communities and rivals. These “symbols” and “trophies” are used mainly by the organizations known as the “Crips” and the “Bloods” along with several factions and wanna be huggers within their organizations. This is also practiced by some Spanish-American organizations within the U.S. I do not or choose not to have these individuals within my alliance; I do not speak Spanish.

Now that I knew the gist of it, I wanted to try to find some level or plane of comprehension and reasoning behind these actions and rituals…evidently there is no sound logic behind this practice, so I had to indoctrinate my own reasoning and philosophy behind such a display.

Over the last two and a half decades, I have lived within and visited cities and communities throughout the U.S., where different factions of organized crime governed and dwelt. Within these neighborhoods the crime syndicate or faction did not need symbols of their existence or life’s feces droppings to mark their territory. Their names and actions within the neighborhoods carried enough weight and respect. Sad to say, but these are the neighborhoods I chose to live within, they were well protected and those who dwelt within rarely had crimes bestowed upon them, unless they chose to bring them down upon themselves. In other words, the governing self-anointed body did snot prey upon their own. For those of you who have lived within the realms of darkness, I prefer to think of these individuals as “Old Guard” and “Old School.”

However, there is a “new breed”, renegades or rogues who have spawned their own factions off organizations and syndicates of crime long ago. They prey upon society and communities indiscriminately, they have no cause, purpose or reason, they distribute their wares, fear and terror at will and with wild abandon. They have no sense of family values, moral or loyalty, yet they join these “gang factions” in an
attempt to seek out these very elements. But this is where I become confused…when young individuals tell me they joined these “gangs” and organizations for a sense of “belonging”, respect, family, loyalty, and these gangs advertise these attributes…if they don’t display it on the home front, and all of these individuals are
basically joining or being “plugged” in search of the same elements and aspects in life, how do they get it or find it in “the life?”

They don’t. Once again life has chosen to put a mirage in their travels. They become bitter, angry, spiteful and destructive, their animalistic and volatile behavior destroys the very communities that have given them birth. They start out on one block, one street, one neighborhood and when their virus has destroyed their
homestead, they move on to spread their incubated disease, envious of what is left still standing in life.

These fearless individuals who run in “gangs” or “packs” like wolves, mark their territory with the blood, sweat and tears of others, their greed and minds race faster than their legs, and soon they become engulfed by time, darkness and incarceration, if they’re lucky….

These are the puppies and waifs in life, who when they enter the dark halls and corridors of time, they are the first to wait for Mother Nature to provide them with release from their pain and self pity. They wait for it to rain, the rain drops masquerading the flow of their own fear now. They become preyed upon by men seasoned within times incarceration. Harassed, beaten, mentally and physically abused, taken for sexual “toy boys”, the very life they chose to prey upon, swallows them up in the bowels of darkness.

Facing conviction and atonement now alone, their biological families and “extended family” throw them to the dogs, they have nothing left to show for their time on the outside…no money, no material objects, no family, significant other or children. The only mementos of their life beyond the walls, are the scars, tattoos, and nightmares they harbor within their souls, and the hollowed shells of the communities they destroyed.

Two wrongs in life, don’t make a right, two negatives do not create a positive, and every time a pair of “sneakers” are adorned in some neighborhoods window…our youth and tomorrow, the future and hope of society slip within the horizon.

I leave as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life.
Lady Gray/bossladyjmc

Sunday, December 25, 2005


“Hope, Spirit and the will to change…”
2006 The Year of Knowledge and Growth

There was a time in this country when we all could spend idle time dreaming, planning and designing the destiny of our lives and the legacy we would leave behind. When families gathered around tables for evening meals to discuss the days events, their plans for tomorrow and for what was to come. When dreams were spun and shared by all, each family was a neutron in the nucleus of the community in which they lived.

Our doors were unlocked, our windows had a clear view without bars, keys were left in our cars in the drive, and no matter where you lived in this country, you were someone in the community and you counted. Although we lived in hard times through different eras in life, we over came and conquered immorality and negativity. Our parents had time for us, many mothers stayed home to tend and nourish their offspring while dad bought home the bacon. When families gathered on and for every occasion from good report cards, Birthdays, Holidays, Sundays, to Weddings and Funerals. Children played sports in our streets and parks unattended with little fear. Families could be seen on Sundays walking to church and strolling through our neighborhoods and parks. When communities had numerous parades, picnics, street dances and block parties. Yes, I remember when …..we all counted.

Politicians went door to door, stood outside grocery stores, in city halls, and stood on the tail gates of pick-up trucks at county and country fairs to make their speeches and bring us hope. When they shook all of our hands, kissed babies and asked us what they could do for us. I remember when if they had a mind to sling mud and call the kettle black, they did so by getting their own hands and feet dirty. Yes, I remember when every neutron in the nucleus of a community counted and the politicians couldn’t go to Washington without our strength, power and vote…..

I really don’t know when things started to change, but they did. In almost half a century here on this earth, I have seen the neutrons split and the nucleus of our communities weaken. Families went from being bonded and welded into powerful neutrons, to only gathering for funerals and weddings. Keys were taken out of our cars, doors locked, bars put on windows, children could no longer enjoy their streets and neighborhoods without fear, and everyone started to distance themselves from other neutrons on their streets, buildings and neighborhoods. Both parents soon had to work to make ends meet, to meet the bureaucratic demands, materialistic growth and society’s expectancy of what everyone’s life should be like. The negativity within our social realms began to expand and expound within the mentality of the government, entertainment and media. I remember when everyone had their blinders on to the comings and goings of our politicians, when they had large luxury toys parked outside their homes, their wallets were fat and all was well…..

As I look around me today in the closing of the year 2005, I see not only the deterioration of neighborhoods, communities and our country, but the destruction of the pedestal so many before us sacrificed so much for to erect, Unity, Justice and Freedom For All.

Our country of Industrialization is collapsing around us, wallets are getting thinner, not only both parents must now struggle to survive, but our children are being forced to grow up well before their years to help us make it through today so that we may see tomorrow. Negativity thrives all around us, hundreds of thousands around us becoming impoverished so that we will soon only have two classes within society, the very poor and the chosen few. Whole cities struggling, going bankrupt and becoming dysfunctional. Politicians who no longer shake hands, kiss babies or ask us what they can do for us, but they give speeches out of the sides of their mouths, telling us what they’re going to do for us. From shore to shore, our fences are in need of repair, the weeds in our back yard are growing out of control and those who have become political actors are now going abroad to spread their mentality, no longer finding the theater even in their own backyard desirable.

But like civilizations and cultures through the passage of time, the will and spirit to survive, overcome and flourish becomes a driving force, making each one of us stand strong, our thoughts and voices reverberating our dreams and desires to live…we unite and awaken our knowledge, wisdom and spirit to overcome the evil doers, the power mongers, the suppressers and those whom would oppress us from proceeding on our journeys in life in peace and harmony.

The pen is mightier than the sword…for the sword is only lethal as long as the individual who wields it has strength to do so. The pen can forge nations, dreams, and last a lifetime within the chapters written in history books. I believe in dreams and miracles, which bring hope, spirit and desire to the masses. I want every American to take off their blinders, take a long hard look around them, stop struggling to survive long enough to absorb the knowledge and wisdom around you so that living will no longer be a lost vision in the setting suns. I believe in miracles and strength in numbers…raise your voices in a chorus of harmony, seize your right to share a piece of the American Apple Pie.

I believe in dreams, chivalry and Americanism….please share with us your dreams and visions for the year 2006.….The Year of Knowledge, Growth and Development….MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!