Sunday, December 25, 2005


“Hope, Spirit and the will to change…”
2006 The Year of Knowledge and Growth

There was a time in this country when we all could spend idle time dreaming, planning and designing the destiny of our lives and the legacy we would leave behind. When families gathered around tables for evening meals to discuss the days events, their plans for tomorrow and for what was to come. When dreams were spun and shared by all, each family was a neutron in the nucleus of the community in which they lived.

Our doors were unlocked, our windows had a clear view without bars, keys were left in our cars in the drive, and no matter where you lived in this country, you were someone in the community and you counted. Although we lived in hard times through different eras in life, we over came and conquered immorality and negativity. Our parents had time for us, many mothers stayed home to tend and nourish their offspring while dad bought home the bacon. When families gathered on and for every occasion from good report cards, Birthdays, Holidays, Sundays, to Weddings and Funerals. Children played sports in our streets and parks unattended with little fear. Families could be seen on Sundays walking to church and strolling through our neighborhoods and parks. When communities had numerous parades, picnics, street dances and block parties. Yes, I remember when …..we all counted.

Politicians went door to door, stood outside grocery stores, in city halls, and stood on the tail gates of pick-up trucks at county and country fairs to make their speeches and bring us hope. When they shook all of our hands, kissed babies and asked us what they could do for us. I remember when if they had a mind to sling mud and call the kettle black, they did so by getting their own hands and feet dirty. Yes, I remember when every neutron in the nucleus of a community counted and the politicians couldn’t go to Washington without our strength, power and vote…..

I really don’t know when things started to change, but they did. In almost half a century here on this earth, I have seen the neutrons split and the nucleus of our communities weaken. Families went from being bonded and welded into powerful neutrons, to only gathering for funerals and weddings. Keys were taken out of our cars, doors locked, bars put on windows, children could no longer enjoy their streets and neighborhoods without fear, and everyone started to distance themselves from other neutrons on their streets, buildings and neighborhoods. Both parents soon had to work to make ends meet, to meet the bureaucratic demands, materialistic growth and society’s expectancy of what everyone’s life should be like. The negativity within our social realms began to expand and expound within the mentality of the government, entertainment and media. I remember when everyone had their blinders on to the comings and goings of our politicians, when they had large luxury toys parked outside their homes, their wallets were fat and all was well…..

As I look around me today in the closing of the year 2005, I see not only the deterioration of neighborhoods, communities and our country, but the destruction of the pedestal so many before us sacrificed so much for to erect, Unity, Justice and Freedom For All.

Our country of Industrialization is collapsing around us, wallets are getting thinner, not only both parents must now struggle to survive, but our children are being forced to grow up well before their years to help us make it through today so that we may see tomorrow. Negativity thrives all around us, hundreds of thousands around us becoming impoverished so that we will soon only have two classes within society, the very poor and the chosen few. Whole cities struggling, going bankrupt and becoming dysfunctional. Politicians who no longer shake hands, kiss babies or ask us what they can do for us, but they give speeches out of the sides of their mouths, telling us what they’re going to do for us. From shore to shore, our fences are in need of repair, the weeds in our back yard are growing out of control and those who have become political actors are now going abroad to spread their mentality, no longer finding the theater even in their own backyard desirable.

But like civilizations and cultures through the passage of time, the will and spirit to survive, overcome and flourish becomes a driving force, making each one of us stand strong, our thoughts and voices reverberating our dreams and desires to live…we unite and awaken our knowledge, wisdom and spirit to overcome the evil doers, the power mongers, the suppressers and those whom would oppress us from proceeding on our journeys in life in peace and harmony.

The pen is mightier than the sword…for the sword is only lethal as long as the individual who wields it has strength to do so. The pen can forge nations, dreams, and last a lifetime within the chapters written in history books. I believe in dreams and miracles, which bring hope, spirit and desire to the masses. I want every American to take off their blinders, take a long hard look around them, stop struggling to survive long enough to absorb the knowledge and wisdom around you so that living will no longer be a lost vision in the setting suns. I believe in miracles and strength in numbers…raise your voices in a chorus of harmony, seize your right to share a piece of the American Apple Pie.

I believe in dreams, chivalry and Americanism….please share with us your dreams and visions for the year 2006.….The Year of Knowledge, Growth and Development….MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!!