Thursday, May 31, 2007

Walking The Vision

Walkin’ In The Vision
THE VISION is the legacy of a man named Larry B. Hoover. Mr. Hoover’s Vision is that the disenfranchised of America’s Urban Centers not merely be given a voice, but that we should one day emerge as a power to be reckoned with. Mr. Hoover gave his freedom attempting to give to a people who have largely been ignored, a share in the so-called “American Dream.” The Brothers of Struggle are the rightful heirs to this inheritance. It is of the gravest importance that the Membership and Leadership of Growth and Development not squander this great inheritance by being burdened with low morale, defeatism, and/or corruption.

Through the years Growth and Development has achieved many successes. Among them:
21st Century Vote.With 21st Century Vote, many modern urbanites were introduced, face-to-face with their potential power to effect change in a positive and lawful manner. We learned that power is transient; constantly moving and evolving. We also learned that we could, at some point, harness this power for the greater good of the common people.Of course along with these successes came some significant setbacks.

The Federal Governments decision to begin a prosecutorial campaign against street organizations, utilizing the same statutes being used to combat organized crime proved devastating. As a result, many key members, and indeed Mr. Hoover himself, are to this day immured away within Americas prisons. But the Vision is not lost. He is still a very viable instrument in the struggle of the oppressed to lift themselves from object poverty and decay to the very hallowed halls of American power.

No move focused on changing the balance of power can be achieved, let alone sustained for any meaningful period of time without the support of the community. Why should communities support Growth and Development?We live in a time where terror runs rampant. On radio and television government officials bombard us daily with repeated threats of individuals and groups allegedly determined to disrupt American Society. The result is a climate of fear. Fear causes the most sensible persons to act in an irrational manner.For many, it is difficult to make intelligent distinctions between criminals and terrorists, because both have been exploited by mass media outlets to evoke sentiments of fear and intimidation.

Take a moment to imagine if you would, an elderly Black woman in the projects. She sits in her window day in and day out, watching drug deals, shootings, stabbings, robberies, fights, lewd behavior and all other manner of general mayhem. We all know she’s watching, because in every urban area across this nation there’s an elderly Black woman or Black man who just sits in their window…..watching. Do you imagine that the fear she feels from living in an embattled urban war zone is that dissimilar from her fear of an even moderately successful terrorist attack?

In short, we cannot reasonably expect that a community will readily throw its support behind our organization’s cause when we are so easily associated with the very things in which the people fear. No doubt, humankind will forever hold a negative outlook for those things which rob them of their security.

In order to gain the community’s support, Brothers of Struggle ought to look toward bold and innovative ways to show the community that we are worthy of their trust and support.
A “Fans-For-The-Elderly” a summer collaboration between Growth and Development and local retailers to make it possible for impoverished seniors to avoid heat prostration and other heat associated illnesses during the sweltering summer months. Frequent “Community Clean-Ups” in the most needy neighborhoods, along with cook-outs, free screening for Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/Aids, STD’s, etc., can help to bring people together over culturally diverse lines. Growth and Development can be responsible for that. These are only a few examples of effective community outreach.

It would be wise to note that in order to share the message of Growth and Development, we MUST first befriend the very communities we will be depending upon for support when the so-called “powers that be” ignite the spark intended to silence us. As long as we are seen as the purveyors of thuggish behavior, the community will continue to fear us and based upon that fear, they will continue to steer our comparably equipped and often better-trained adversaries straight to our door. Making the Brother of Struggle take the time to defend themselves when that time could be better spent creating the environment necessary for the Vision to come to fruition. In other words, it is ESSENTIAL that we develop programs that foster confidence in the Growth and Development agenda.

Some programs might target the Criminal Justice System, such as finding sympathetic judges who are willing to try innovative programs for young offenders. Who are willing to leave the young offenders in the community instead of in the care of the Youth Authority. With our project if they are willing to participate, they can remain in the community to work, and get involved with educational/study/mentoring programs provided by Growth and Development. Designed to nurture their natural talents while at the same time strengthening character traits such as honesty, dignity and respect for life in general.

Teaching the youth basic survival skills, swimming, cooking, operate computers, first-aid, fire safety, all examples of programs that Growth and development could offer to the community with the added benefit of dispelling the fears of the people. To secure a presence in the business community and make alliances therein, BOS can offer monetary awards to business leaders and local companies. An example can be the Growth and Development Industrial Achievement Award, which honors businesses whom commit themselves to improving the quality of life for the people in inner-cities through hiring and promotional initiatives, environmental consciousness, technological advancements and work/study programs that target the local communities in which they are located.

This desire and vision needs to be taken off the back burner and the reality of its fruition is not far off. In a few short years of steady hard work, Growth and Development can flourish into a positive force with strength in numbers, along with collective wisdom and knowledge. The reason this vision can be successful is due to the will and desire of the “whole” of the people.
In a world disillusioned by over zealous politicians and public officials, yellow portraits painted by entities within the realms of media, the people once again are looking for guidance, direction and hope from a group of individuals who have been where they’ve been and have seen what they’ve endured. The time is right, the time is now, for individuals to unite together to seek answers for the preservation and future of tomorrow.

The true power of American society lies not with the political elite, but firmly within the grasp of Corporate America. So much so that in 1871, the 41st Congress received a corporate charter from Great Britain forming a for-profit commercial entity entitled the United States.
The reality of Corporate power can be seen in many facets within our daily lives. Whenever corporate leaders decide to close a factory within a neighborhood, that community’s economic stability is threatened. In this regard, corporations hold sway over mass populations.
Corporations contribute heavily to political campaigns. Politicians who accept these contributions, become agents for the corporation who help attain and maintain their political post or seat. Corporations are in business for profit, if their political agents are not beneficial to the corporate goals and profits, why would they see fit to contribute in the first place? Is it the influential voice within the politician, or the influential funds?

Do not delude yourself into accepting defeat by choosing to lug around doctrines that promote failure. Growth and Development is a Vision of victors, of prosperity, of success and second best can NEVER be an option! So think about taking your place within industry and moving life in positive directions.

A for-profit Christian Academy can be developed in some of the more affluent communities. God’s Regional Alliance of Christian Educators or (G.R.A.C.E.), has a program that will help you develop schools and even help you run them, until you are capable of operating them on your own. For further information refer to the Community Involvement section.

In order to secure success for the BOS and SOS, it will of course be necessary that Growth and Development have a presence in the financial sector. To achieve this, we must seriously consider opening an international bank, I know some of you will be skeptical to this aspect. However, an international bank is a dynamic tool which will enable Growth and Development to control the flow of our capital, engage in the securities trade, merchant banking, and the acceptance of deposits. For more information contact Worldwide Business Consultants,Inc.

Commitment is a promise, a pledge…..”I agree, for as long as I stand proudly under the blue sky…”, “We the Brother and Sisters of Struggle, pledging whole heartedly….”
Commitment to this cause is the foundation of our shared service to Growth and Development. A commitment to reflect positive attitudes, behaviors and actions, as we struggle to become a voice heard among the masses.

Before Growth and Development, many of us were stuck in a quagmire of procrastination, deceit and scandalous viewpoints. These negative conditions served to stifle our individual growth and development. We thought wrong was right. We were indifferent to morals. We were easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to be led in the right direction.

It is certainly true that our conduct is a direct product of those values and ideals we are now committed to. Those who are committed to righteousness, walk more often than not, in an upright manner. Those committed to the pursuit of foolishness, more often than not, carry themselves as if every waking moment is Amateur Night at the Comedy Club. Those committed to corruption continually strive to prey on others. In this regard, a man’s commitment’s can be seen through his social practices.

This is not to say that any of us are perfect. Rather, just as a tree is known by the fruits it bares, so too is a man known… the fruits he bares. Commitment is not merely a one-time declaration, but a continuing process of Growth and Development which is intended to foster the BOS and SOS, as we strive for success, both on an individual basis as well as a collective level. Commitment does not stop at the Pledges.

We must continually ask ourselves whether or not our actions and plans reflect our commitments to do all in our power to ensure our desires and Visions become a Reality….If not, those areas in which we are found to be lacking, need careful examination and a commitment to rid our lives of any and all barriers to our success.

“True character is a rider, seated firmly atop the shoulders of commitment. So when commitment falters, character is thrown.” What does your character say about your commitments? What does your commitment say about your belief in the Vision?

It is true that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. What we must now consider is the destination. If we continue to attack our 21st Century problems with 20th Century answers and methods, we will no doubt continue on a road further and further away from the Vision within our hopes and dreams.

In short, if we continue to do what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always received.

Stand firm my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Struggle, through true dedication, determination and discipline, our future can be as close as the next horizon.