Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Best Line of Defense--Is an intellectual offense

The Best Line of Defense---Is an intellectual offense
First of all we must dissect the present portraits being displayed in the Social Art Galleries. As of late I have been receiving reports from major cities across the Nation in regards to violence being fueled by actions committed by the very individuals who have been sworn to protect their communities. Law enforcement....there are realms within the Law Enforcement communities who have been committing and enciting violence themselves, hurling the blame on 'street gang factions' to acquire more funding from the USDOJ. This Dept. is the only dept. within our government realms which seems to have a bottomless pit of funding. With Fed funding being cut within all entities of our govt, the state realms are also floundering to survive and meet their committments.

As funding across the Board is being slashed, options for our youth have diminished greatly within the realms of education, business, health care, etc. In fact the options that many of us had 30 yrs. ago within these elements and tools for the advancement of life has been endangered or extinct.The best way to tackle the problems on the streets is through 'collective knowledge and wisdom' and the sharing of hope, dreams, agendas and support for the youth. To share with them options for their future and to encourage them to 'touch life' and once again become creative, by helping to develop positive portraits for not only their advancement, but for others as well.When the original sweeps in this Nation were conducted in 93' and since across this Nation, the two most vulnerable classes in society were left behind to fall prey to the realms of politics and media portraits, the very young and the elderly. There were no voices of strength or direction left within these communities. We now have a lost generation of 'youth' and a 'struggling' generation of elderly.

The Greatest change within our society as far as I am concerned within the last Century, was the Civil Rights Movement. Ever since WWII when our Nation immobilized for the Great Cause, the govt. and media have used the tag "War" at their discretion to implement a 'psychological' conditioning among the 'whole' of the people. We have seen the Korean War, Vietnam War, War on Inflation, War on Poverty, War on Drugs, etc., the label is used to freely by the media and within the realms of govt to often get the masses to rally round and support their causes and exhorbitant spending for their self-serving agendas. It is quite apparent to this individual who lived through the 60's and 70's that the government did not want the Nation mobilized behind the Civil Rights Movement and chose not to place the tag War within that cause. Nonetheless, it succeeded at a great deal of self and social sacrifice. This led those who would suppress us to take their erosive 'booty' and dump it into the next cauldron for which they could capitalize on, Apartheid and S. Africa.

I have many youth and individuals who have been searching for answers to the issues which not only hinder their advancement in life, but those which also plague their communities. The problem is that there is strength in numbers and our numbers are small compared to the paramount issues we face. The greatest effort that any of us can make right now, is to enter the realms of our neighborhoods, educate the youth, share knowledge and wisdom with them. Dissect for them the negative portraits which encompass their daily lives so that they may see clearly the mad artist behind the portraits itself.

There was a time in the 80's and early 90's when individuals within the 'struggle' and 'paper chase' had the mental frame that they were invincible. The mentality of the youth today is one of acceptance, that they must be imprisoned or incarcerated before they can truly live. I find this very sad......

I leave you as I came with a great deal of love and respect for life.
Lady Gray
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