Friday, August 17, 2007

Man and Beast

Hello to all of those within life's struggle,

In the past I have been known for discussing topics and issues that others would just as soon avoid or more importantly ignore, but that only leads to further imprisonment and ignorance. I have never condoned ignorance on any level in life, for it only 'deters' the advancement of man and weakens the 'nucleus' of every individual. Lately we have seen a great deal of chaos, violence, crime and dissension, not only within the realms and streets of impoverishment, but on all levels of life's pyramid, from the 'base' to the 'capstone'. I have found that once again life has a way of revealing itself to those who seek enlightenment.

I am a sister deeply embedded in life's struggle and I often see things from different angles than those who confine themselves in life's boxes. I would now like to discuss the news events surrounding the pit-bull fighting allegations against Vick from Atlanta. More importantly, I wish to discuss the disturbing mentality and characteristics displayed by the individuals involved. How they've not only committed crimes against the animal world, but humanity as well. The negative portraits they've chosen to paint which lead to stereotyping, branding, tagging and labeling of individuals within life's struggle

I've been sitting here asking myself, what makes a young man like Vick, who worked, sacrificed and struggled to succeed in life, maintain a negative mentality? Why would a man who just signed a $100 million dollar contract get involved with a sport that is more violent and animalistic than the one which he has chosen to excel in himself? It isn't just Vick and those in professional sports either, it's individuals who have risen to fame within the entertainment industry as well and some politicians who are considered 'war horses' or 'iron horses' and are deeply rooted within our government. It seems like once an individual gets to where they want to be in life, they forget about the elements of morality, humanity, dignity and respect for life itself. They almost feel like they now hold a license not to be human, they're above life, law and age old silent codes that have guided civilizations since the beginning of time.

I found the descriptions by Vick's co-defendants in regards to the treatment of the pit-bulls, to be not only gruesome, but almost sci-fi-fantasia. I couldn't believe that men would actually discuss the murder, mangling, hanging and beating of dogs so openly. I sat here in my hospital bed and now looked upon these men as hollowed out shells which once contained souls and spirits for life....who robbed them?

I've been worried this week that some clueless individual will look upon these individuals in this case as honorable, powerful, a bad-ass boy and carry on with their pit-bull events and fights, more terrifying is the possibility that they may carry it over into the 'street games.' I would like to discuss some of my concerns now with all of you....remember that these are my opinions, views and observations only. Many of my views are also derived from involvement with 'bad-ass' men the last 7 years also.

I keep sitting here thinking to myself....these men who spent untold amounts on violence, pain and misery....they could have given us just $10,000 to bring life, pride and joy to thousands again. So many of us struggle, merely existing with thoughts of not only living for ourselves again, but pulling up everyone around us. These actions by these individuals disturbed me. Although I am the Founder of the Judged Men Alliance and I have never turned anyone away, I hope that none of these men who will do time within the walls of the Fed Pens will contact me. I'm not sure how I would deal with their time.

This summer I have seen a great deal of emphasis put on leadership within all dimensions of life, from the government to the streets. How can we recognize the elements of 'leadership' today when we seem to be surrounded by phony ass people, sell-outs and 'clueless wanderers'. How do we tell when someone is 'TREAL' (true to and within) to life and the 'whole of the people'. How many times do we see 'leaders' and 'politicians' waiver only to become distracted and enter the realms of self-serving agendas?

Over the last 7 years when similar events have happened to individuals with Vick's status and position in life, I've had many words thrown my way. Why do you want to help individuals who don't know what to do with their lives or money once they do make it? That's right Lady help them all out, put money into their hands so they can commit more crimes, or, they don't want to help themselves, life is a fg* joke to them, one big game! This is one of the reasons I struggle so hard where I now live. The negative portraits painted by individuals within the minority of the majority in life. In other words the chosen few who do make it out of the 'base' of life's pyramid.

What youth, man or individual would want to be associated or connected with someone who shows such little respect for life? Right about now Vick is sitting there shaking his head like a bobble dog in the rear window of a low rider, looking at his co-defendants and saying to himself, where is all the love? They all say it sooner or later, especially those who are on self-serving agendas. If a man is not going to properly take care of an animal which is mostly dependent on man for survival, show an animal respect, what the hell is he going to have to offer you? Now you may counter and come at me with, 'but it's only a dog or animal'. I say to that,' are we all not a part of the animal kingdom?' How many times have I said the last few years that a man who rules in fear his tenure or reign will be short?

I've often said that a 'top dog' who rules with fear, no respect for life and on a self-serving agenda will fall due to his lack of knowledge and wisdom in regards to man and life. Vick's co-defendants are perfect examples of a self-serving agenda and bad blue print. This is why I have so staunchly protected 'Glory Road', I don't want it to fall into the hands of men on self-serving agendas or whom are sell-outs to life themselves. When you have 'corner puppies' in your kennel that whine and cry, aren't satisfied with their treatment and environment, sooner or later someone is going to hear their cries. As soon as they're detected, they begin to howl and the 'top dog' will be the first dog to fall. In other words not everyone was happy with what they were finding in their dog dish.

But Vick, is just one house on life's block....but don't think for a minute that his landscape won't spill into his neighbors domain. Do not think that the portraits his behavior and actions have painted won't effect those within the 'base' of life's pyramid.

I can't tell you if as individuals they were clueless before they achieved fame and wealth. If they lacked morality, compassion, respect, dignity and pride as individuals or not. In some respects I'm glad that at this point and time it is only linked to animals (pit-bulls) and not humans, youth or young men searching for tomorrow.

In this case, I don't believe the time is beneficial to the crime. They're going to do less time then individuals who sell a few joints of pot. The fallout from the portraits they've left in the social art gallery will be more destructive than the due process of the law they must now endure. I believe they all need some type or form of counseling, something they will not receive within the walls of time. Their sentence will only compound any issues that they now host and generate a character even more volatile than the one they now present to us.

I know that some of you may have thought about the media being thrown at us in regards to this case. I was born and raised in the country so I don't quite understand this type of disrespect for life. These pit-bulls were not a threat to any of these individuals....Vick could surely afford to feed them or sell them without murdering or torturing them. These are individuals I sure wouldn't want dating my daughter or helping my folks in the community.

I do believe that we should send a prayer up for them though....maybe because we don't enjoy the privilege yet of holding a license that says we no longer have to be human.
I hope some of this makes sense to you.....I can't wait for this whole leg thing to get done.......

Much love and respect to the BOS who stand beside this SOS.
Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Free and Stay Sweet
Lady Gray
'The "echo" of 'life's Drums are Being heard.......