Monday, March 05, 2007

Hit 55 Baby!!!

Hit 55 Baby! Answer the phone Baby Girl, just hit 55. Can't you hear it calling you? I need to hear your voice tonight. Cameras to the left of me, guys to the right. My desire standing up for you, wanting to be heard.

That's it, right after the recording girl, hit 55. Come on now baby, we're burning up my minutes!I thought you'd never push that button, what took you so long? I've had you on my mind 24/7, missing you, loving you, thanking the man for blessing me with you. Where have you been? What have you been doing? Have you heard from the kids?

I haven't heard from the courts yet on my appeal. As soon as I know, you'll be the first one I call. I can't wait to come home to you, my daughter and my mama. This cage life has me in, hasn't been fun. Walking around like a black cat on light feet. Protecting my best asset, which is me!Men snapping to the left of me, dying to the right, I'm nothing but a termite in Sam's woodshed. Pumping out office furniture for pennies on the dollar.

Read the paper from home the other day. Saw two of my homies on the front page. They burned life and dissed the creator. Now they're in a time capsule and will never see daylight. That could have been me baby, but he saved me. Mama tried to tell me, I never should have put my hand on that gun. But what's a man suppose to do with his daughter's mouth open like a hungry little bird. I have a date girl to come home. I've seen men in here, buried in here, their time deceased.

Time is nothing, when it comes to loving you. Wanting your soft flesh, not touching you, not seeing you in the morning. Give me some sugar baby girl, that was our first beep. Whisper in my ear, tell me how much you love me. Don't give up on me, don't leave me. I can see life's door opening up for me and smell the fresh air.

Come here baby girl, let me wrap my arms around you. Another beep and time is slipping away. If you only knew what just hearing your voice does to me. Long after our time has run out, I stand here, my mouth moving, Waiting for all of my desires to wind down. Cameras rolling, guys standing in line, my respect for our love won't let my feet move. Here comes some sugar baby girl, stretch out next to me in your dreams.

The next time I call, don't take so long to hit 55, With all of the beeps, buzzers and clangs, you'd think we were celebrating life. No not me, I'm just doing hard time, Fed time, with heavy tags. Have to keep moving my mouth, remembering her voice, waiting for my feet to move. Cameras to the left of me, CO's to the right, guys standing in line waiting to touch life. Every time I call, she'll be there.

Just hit 55 Baby and we'll tear these walls down, one brick at a time. Hit 55 and touch me, Tell me how much you miss and love me.My feet are moving now. Just hit 55 and blow me some soft sugar. I'm ready now Baby Girl, I'll meet you in my dreams.

By: T-Bear, in the FCI system.


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